architectural illustration & cg

we are a professional art studio that specialises in illustrating architecture.  Our studio name represents three principles of our work: SPACE, ART, NATURE.

The Space:
    For every project we take, we put our time to understand the design concept, style and function.  We pay special attention to architect’s design inspiration, which helps the methodology of illustration work later on.

The Art:
    We have good aesthetic and sharp eyes for this profession to render element in a beautiful way. This leads to our production work to be based on elegance.  We are expert in utilising light, shadow, color, environment, view angle and composite to portray renderings which are of superior quality to our peers.  Our rendering work is so vivid that you can feel that it has a story to tell; it is so creative that you don’t see it as a plain image, you regard it as an artwork.

The Nature:
    Our work tries to look the most real as possible. We make our art re-creation process to respond well with the space that architect provides, which then renders the building to blend well with the environment. We can see the order out of dis-order.  We are working towards a goal where a rendering is not mechanical, not repetitive but real. 

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